Resolved: Suzanne Highers Photography is HORRIBLE!!!

Opa Locka, Florida 6 comments

She is so unprofessional and acts like she's never used a camera before.She needed more than one camera to shoot our event and showed up with one and no assistant.

We're still waiting for pictures from an event that happened several months ago. Stay away from this photographer unless you want to flush a ton of money down the toilet!

She is awful and does everyone a disservice by acting like a photographer!

Our friend went to use her and Suzanne kept postponing the shoot severl times, and then cancelled at the very last minute with no notice whatsoever.HORRIBLE and UNPROFESSIONAL!!!!

Review about: Lenses Purchase.



Suzanne is the best photographer that I know, she does amazing work and who does not agree, is just absolutely *** :) :zzz


How do you write off a photographer as being "horrible" before you've even seen your photos??


She don't even know how to use a camera. :x


I have seen Suzanne's pictures and they are amazing...I'm sure your pics are amazing that she took...

and if it is such an issue about about getting your pictures on time why didn't you set up a contract?!Think before you talk about something...


She did my wedding and we all thought she was wonderful! She did a great job!!


What do you mean she needed more than one camera to shoot an event? And what does it matter if they have an assistant or not. I agree that taking that long to give someone their pictures is unproffessional as well as constantly postponing something then canceling at the last minute, but I don't see why someone would need multiple cameras (unless of course one is purely for backup incase the main one malfunctions...)

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